13 Oct 2014

The Big Five Mistakes Students Make In IIT JEE Preparation

IIT JEE Preparation
On an average around 10 lakh students Prepare for IIT JEE every year. It is a dream institution for most students and why shouldn’t it be! IITs are ranked amongst the best institutions around the world and
have produced a great number of scientists, engineers which are amongst the best in their
respective fields. The group of institutions has been given constitutional importance and boasts of the best infrastructure across the country and in competition
with the elite colleges throughout the world.

While different students choose different modes of preparation but there are some common mistakes that students make, we have listed them in this article so that you can avoid these and continue your journey on the road to success.


Mistake 1: Not paying enough attention in school

A major portion of students now-a-days take the aid of coaching institutions and while doing so they start ignoring what’s being taught in school which is very harmful in the long run.

·  Paying attention to school lectures will not only prepare you for CBSE or your respective board but will also aid you in forming a solid foundation for your advance lectures which you might be taking from your coaching center or online IIT JEE coaching.

·  The other benefit is that you will spend your school time learning which you will waste if you don’t pay attention.

Recognize this as a big mistake if you are doing the same thins and avoid this mistake by

·   Form the habit of making concise notes of school lectures

·   In case you face any difficulty with a particular topics discuss them with your school teachers



Mistake 2: Wait, Delay and Procrastinate

Most students who are Preparing for IIT JEE are in school and are teenagers; often volatile in their emotional and personal life teenagers love to play and devote their time to other activities which is good but when you are preparing for a big competition like IIT time is of utmost importance, your loss could be your competitor’s gain. So it’s better to avoid procrastination and delay in things that you need to do in order to achieve your goal.

To avoid procrastination do the following activities

·  Prepare a comprehensive time table that must include your activities throughout the day and follow what you write, don’t forget to give your studies the highest priority and the biggest chunk of your time.

·  If the reason for your procrastination is boredom than you can switch your studies to digital platforms, these platform will provide preparation content in a more exciting form like video lectures and 3d presentations. This will add a whiff of excitement in your regular studies.

Mistake 3: Absence of consistent routine and regular studies

One of the biggest blunders that students make is that they fail to maintain their consistency in hard work and punctuality. Most students often work very hard for a week or two; they burn out and then lose their motivation to keep up the good work going and start skipping their routine. This is hazardous as it gives a student a false sense of improvement without any actual results. Clearing JEE Advance is a tough task that will take everything that you can offer in terms of hard work.

You don’t move forward if after every step forward you take another in opposite direction. The same logic applies here.

·  To handle this situation just stay focused and motivated and keep going even if you don’t want to for a little amount of time.

Mistake 4: Taking the competition for granted

Students often take the exam for grand at times which is justified as there is just too much going on in their lives. This is time of change and fast development in their life. Distractions also play a vital role in it other than that they also are running high on hormones which makes them susceptible to increased risk taking behavior. But this is wrong, IIT JEE is one of the toughest exams to crack in India, clearing this exam requires true hard work and determination. The exam tests its candidates on various grounds and effective & smart hard work is required in order to complete the goal.

·  To get a correct idea and estimate of the exam read previous year question papers, take up online mock tests to find your position in the competition.

Mistake 5: Not learning from your mistakes

This is perhaps the worst thing that a person could do in their personal and professional lives in to hamper their growth and stagnate. Humans are an evolved species and it is very essential for their survival that they learn from their mistakes, smarter people can learn even from the mistakes made by others.

·  The first step towards real progress is the acceptance of the mistake and dissolution of any lies associated with it.