16 Feb 2015

Are You Prepared For The Upcoming JEE 2015 Exam

JEE 2015 Exam PreparationJEE (Joint Entrance Examination) is the qualifying examination for taking admissions in top engineering colleges in India especially IITs. The exam is held in two stages:

1.       JEE Main- For admissions in several engineering colleges across the country, this includes NITs and other state colleges as well.

2.       JEE Advanced- For admissions into IITs, this exam is the second stage for IIT aspirants which are selected on merit basis from JEE Main.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some really good preparation strategies for the IIT JEE 2015 exam which is due in the second week of April 2015.

Every year around 20 lakh students register for this exam.  The competition is tough and there is just about enough time left for preparing and successfully cracking the exam. Now the prime question is- what must you do to substantially increase the chances of your selection?

Given below are some tips and little strategies that you can use to boost up your preparation.

·         Create a log: Maintain a log of all the things that are to be prepared for the examination, cut off the things that you have completed so far and highlight the topics that you are going to take on first.

·         Maintain a time table: Since there is only limited time, it is better that you make full use of it and for that better time management is required. Manage a full-fledged time table for it. Assign required time to each topic and keep enough intervals of rest periods.

·         Make comprehensive notes: Do it with important points highlighted. Make a separate chart for all the formulae that you study. These short and last minute revision notes serve extremely helpful in final revisions before exam.

·         Take mock tests: Start taking lots of mock tests and do a lot of sample papers. For this you can use mobile apps like iProf, which has countless free tests. You can get instant performance assessment that will help you eliminate your mistakes and work upon your weak points

·         Track your performance: Using the free performance assessment tool from iProf, analyze where you lack in terms of speed, accuracy and knowledge.
Follow these tips and keep yourself motivated at all times.