26 Aug 2014

Are you still unsure about IIT JEE Coaching?

If you are one of the people who have joined a coaching center for the Preparation of IIT JEE then this blog is for you, if you are still looking for reasons on why to join IIT Coaching then too read it further.

 From a long time this particular question has been haunting a lot of students, especially the students who are not very well-off financially and can’t afford joining a regular coaching institute. Is joining an institute mandatory? Well, to relief of many it’s not, joining a coaching institute isn’t compulsory, though it helps quite a lot. The reason being coaching institutes provide tailor made study material along with notes on different topic which serves as a time saver for students. Most students take up their preparation while they are still in school. The pressure to crack board exams along with this heck of a competition is too much. Ready-to-study courseware helps them save a lot of time and trouble.  

 Coaching institutes provide lecture sessions where students can get their doubts cleared and get to know all the little shortcuts and strategies on how to solve the paper in a way that ensures maximum result. To get familiar with the paper and overcome the stress and excitement associated with it coaching institutes hold Test Series on national levels, students can take part in these series and do self-assessment, then work hard on weaker areas, change their strategies to make their result better. The repetition of such papers also ensures that students get over the phobia of exam and when they are giving the actual exam they are absolutely comfortable with it.

 However, getting a coaching is an expensive deal. These institutes charge very much and not everyone can afford to spend that much amount of money. Plus there is also too much involvement of time in commuting etc. which leaves students drained for self-study without which it’s impossible to crack this exam or any other exam for that matter.

Online coaching courses cover all the weak spots of offline ones, they offer ready-to-access content in a pen drives, tablet devices etc. using which students can get their lessons anytime and at a pace they are comfortable with. Plus there is also the added advantage of 24*7 counseling on any problems and doubts that occur while you are studying. It’s obviously cheaper that it’s traditional counterpart and provides video lectures and presentations helping student to understand tough concepts.
So, in conclusion, joining a coaching institute helps a great deal and since the competition is based on relative grading and a whole lot of students join one you are left with no option.