14 Aug 2014

Tricks And Tips For Acing The IIT JEE Entrance Exam

Besides scoring fairly good percentage in your 12th board examinations, for all you students interested in taking up engineering for graduation must aim at recognized names including IIT and NIT. Many other technical institutes are offering engineering courses in different specializations such as
electrical, mechanical, civil, electronics and biotechnology as well. To achieve the best results in form of admission, you must prepare thoroughly to not just clear but thrive in IIT JEE Entrance Exam.
Now, pass tough IIT JEE Entrance Exams with flying colors through IIT JEE coaching which will help you cover every important aspects of preparation thoroughly. The primary engineering entrance exam is structured to assess a student’s aptitude in terms of analytical, logical, and reasoning skills. It’s extremely essential for students to prepare in the right manner in order ace the exam.
As precious time passes by, you must be on your toes. Students from time to time must brush up on all important topics, without worrying over what do to and how to pursue preparation. Here are some helpful IIT JEE preparation tips to ensure that you score the highest rank in this competitive common entrance test held each year, inviting millions of students to enroll their names in the best engineering colleges of India.


Tricks And Tips For IIT JEE Mains And Advanced Entrance Examination

1.       Never leave preparation for the last minute. To score well it is best to study in sections all around the year.
2.       Remember not to pay attention to just one subject such as physics, chemistry or mathematics, but to cover every subject in sections, slow and steady, so when not much time left for the entrance test you won’t feel burdened or nervous.   
3.       Application based chapters are the most essential to cover in the IIT JEE syllabus. One should be well versed in all subjects such as physics, chemistry and Mathematics.
4.       Consider the exam notification before anything else. Your entire preparation must be based on current year’s notification, syllabus, exam patters and relevance of chapters.
5.       NCERT books are your Holy Grail when preparing for IIT entrance examinations. Brushing through every concept and key aspect in every chapter of these books will help you build a strong foundation for answering all MCQs in the examination.
6.       It is of utmost importance that students practice on previous five years entrance examinations papers, mock tests etc, a perfect way to understand paper patterns and build on speed and confidence.
7.       More practice results to better speed. The best way to ensure that ample practice tests or mock tests are undertaken, reputed coaching centers must be chosen.
Most important is to remember to keep a calm mind, stress free and relaxed. If the exam is feared or stressed about too much, the entire point of preparation is negated. For quality IIT JEE results keep yourself disciplined, motivated and then clearing the examination will be a cakewalk.