2 Sep 2014

How to Prepare For AIPMT 2015 Entrance Examination

AIPMT 2015 Preparation
The All India Pre Medical Test (AIPMT) is a yearly college entrance examination in India. The exam is conducted by CBSE for admissions in MBBS and BDS courses in several medical colleges around the country. On an average around 7 lakh students participate
in this exam every year. The exam is usually held in the month of May. With not much time remaining and a lot of syllabus to cover students are often baffled on how to go ahead preparing for the exam. In this article we are providing a few tips to help out students in better AIPMT preparation with some steps.
·  1) Know About Exam: The first thing would be to familiarize yourself with the examination pattern, syllabus and prepare a complete index of things to be prepared with a timeline indicating the amount of time dedicated to each topic.
·  2) Time Schedule: The second thing would be to make an overall time schedule which will govern you daily routine and other things that you do during the day, this step is necessary as most of the students preparing for AIPMT are doing it along with regular school and after deducting school hours from the day there is no much time left for preparation, in this case the only best defense is to prepare your offence against time wastage.
   3) Get your Basics Right The next big step is to get your basics right, this can be done in a multiple no. of ways, while most students join coaching centers others take up on this massive task themselves. Joining a coaching institute is highly beneficial as students get ready made material for studying, lectures, notes etc. coaching centers also organize test series on national level joining which a student can familiarize him/her with the examination pattern and get acquainted with the experience so that when it’s time to give the actual test, they don’t panic and are comfortable. The other benefit is that it provides that students get to know their standings in the competition. They can then alter their strategies and perform better in subsequent tests.
  4) Choose Resources All the benefits of a regular coaching institute can be reaped by using online coaching courses or in digital format that can also be accessed offline. Over traditional way digital mode provides you the added benefits of time saving, convenience, money savings, better and more engaging material, video lectures and demonstrations, animated experiments and problems that are difficult to comprehend otherwise etc.
  5) Time for Revision  After the completion of course, it’s time for revision. Revision, multiple revisions is of essence here. Unless you have not revised what you have learned, you have not truly learned and chances are that you will forget it in exams. to prevent his prom happening revise all that you study multiple times.