10 Sep 2014

Plans and Strategies to get success in Joint Entrance Examination

The gateway to undergraduate engineering programs- Joint Entrance Examination is conducted in two parts- The JEE Mains and the JEE advanced. JEE mains exam is the eligibility test for JEE advanced which qualifies the candidate for IITs. Any candidate who has cleared class 12th or equivalent
is eligible for the entrance test.

A clear strategy needs to be followed to be able to Crack IIT JEE . The first step is to understand what is Mains and what is Advanced. The JEE Mains is a three hour exam which consists of 90 multiple choice questions, 30 each of Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Unlike the mains, JEE advanced consists of two Three hour long papers.

Ideally one should start the IIT JEE Preparation for JEE from class 11th. To achieve a good ranking in the JEE exam, a lot of hard work has to be done. Start by devoting a small amount of time daily dedicated to JEE. Keep NCERT books as a reference base. There are a number of coaching centres offering complete preparation for the entrance exams.  Coaching serves as a good option to prepare since there are a number of students who are also studying. Hence there is an exchange of ideas and notes. The teachers are experienced and know the best method to study in order to get maximum results.

With the advent of digital learning, online courses for JEE preparation are also a good option for those students who do not wish to waste time in traveling and like to study at their own pace. These notes include well explained examples and animated videos so that the need of a teacher is eliminated to much extent. Online notes can also be used as a supplement to coaching.

Though both coaching and online courses provide students with direction, it is imperative that there are millions of competitors also taking coaching with you. The key is to find and refer more sources for practical questions. The more questions you practice, the more confident you will be. Keep solving mock papers and practice tests. After each test, check whether you are committing same mistakes or less mistakes, how much time you are taking to solve each set of questions and whether your solving capacity is increasing.

Make sure there are no physical distractions while you study. Like your mind, keep your body energized by taking short breaks every now and then, exercising and eating very healthy food. With the right amount of dedication, you are sure to Crack the IIT JEE.