24 Sep 2014

IITs Relax Admission Criteria, Allow students with minimum 75% marks to take exam

IIT JEE Admisions Eligiblity Criteria
Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) have now relaxed their IIT Admission Criteria to include students who have scored a minimum aggregate of 75% in Board exams to take up the exam (JEE Advanced). Earlier it was restricted to the top 20% percentile students from Board Exams. Now, this has been changed to the top 20 percentile or a minimum 75% aggregate
in Boards whichever is lower.
The decision was made by the IIT Council chaired by the Union human Resource Development minister Smriti Irani. Furthermore, the minister also announced at the council meeting held in Chennai that a committee will be formed to resolve the IIT-UGC row over nomenclature of degrees awarded and the four year courses at the IITs.
The decision came as a result of the recommendation from IIT Joint Admission Board, IIT-JAB to relax the eligibility criteria as different boards have different tendencies towards marks assignment.
Up until now only the students who have cleared JEE Main and the ones among the top 20 percentile students in their respective Board examinations were considered for JEE Advanced. However, JAB has recommended that students who have scored 755 marks in class XII are also eligible to sit in JEE Advanced.
Approx. 1.5 lack students were selected to sit in JEE Advanced following which they were given admissions to different IITs. Now that the admission criterion has been relaxed, students sitting in JEE Advanced 2015 would increase.